Unite with a team that reaches higher.

At Clarivate, confidence, passion, and courage are core to our company culture. We are not afraid to take a stand, form an opinion, or lead the way. We want to make an impact and stand out from the competition. We are game-changers who think outside of the box, just like the scientists, inventors, and academics for whom we build our products and services. Our three values lie at the heart of who we are and how we behave – aim for greatness, value every voice & own your actions.

  • Impactful

    We pave the way for the people and organizations who are challenging the status quo and solving the world’s problems (big and small), from universities, nonprofits, and fundraising organizations to corporations, governments, and independent researchers.

  • Passionate

    At Clarivate, you will encounter people who have made their work a lifetime’s vocation. Our people care deeply about their roles and how they can help our clients excel.

  • Intellectual

    As part of our team, you will work with an abundance of PhDs and subject-matter experts who have been in the industry for many years. You will be challenged to up your game and encouraged to grow professionally.

  • Collaborative

    Each business unit has a unique culture, ensuring high-performing teams that work well together. Across Clarivate, we work as a team based on respect, transparency, and integrity.

  • Diverse

    Clarivate recognizes and appreciates the importance of a diverse workforce. We have employee resource groups to address gender bias (Women@Clarivate), support LGBT employees (Spectrum), and celebrate our many ethnicities (Culture@Clarivate).

Empowering women at Clarivate

At Clarivate, we understand there are vast benefits tied to empowering women. This past International Women’s Day, our Philadelphia office came together to create our own WANT Project video, in addition to celebrating and starting discussions with all of our colleagues about how we can improve gender equality for all. Check out our video to see that no matter what our backgrounds, we prioritize coming together and fighting for positive change.

Committed to our communities

We are part of the communities that we serve and have many community-based initiatives, locally and globally. Every Clarivate employee is encouraged to put our vision into action by volunteering in his or her community. With two days of company-sponsored paid time off per person, our employees will donate thousands of hours of community service this year.

Clarivate Chennai (India) environmental cleanup project  - Madras Crocodile Bank Trust

Working with the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, the Chennai (India) team provided a cleaner breeding environment to more than 20 crocodiles.

Clarivate CompuMark fundraiser - The Home for Little Wanderers

The CompuMark team donated $5,000 to The Home for Little Wanderers, an organization that positively impacts more than 7,000 lives each year through various programs.

Clarivate Hyderabad (India) restoration project - Gangaram Lake

The Hyderabad (India) Clarivate team worked to restore part of the Gangaram Lake, a well-known water body in the city.

Clarivate Barcelona (Spain) wildlife park cleanup project– Collserola Natural Park (Parc de Collserola)

The Barcelona (Spain) team participated in a park cleanup with the Collserola Natural Park (Parc de Collserola), to provide a better environment for wildlife.

Clarivate Mumbai (India) daycare center donation drive - Cheshire Homes India

The Mumbai (India) Clarivate Team donated boxes of food and body care products to Cheshire Homes India, a daycare center for intellectually challenged children.

Clarivate Chennai (India) partnership - Concern India Foundation

Partnering with the Concern India Foundation, the Chennai (India) team created learning materials for underprivileged children in government-aided schools.