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At Clarivate, confidence, passion and courage are core to our company culture. We are not afraid to take a stand, form an opinion or lead the way. We want to make an impact and stand out from the competition. We are game-changers who think outside of the box, just like the scientists, inventors and academics for whom we build our products and services. Our three values lie at the heart of who we are and how we behave – aim for greatness, value every voice and own your actions.

Colleague Resource Groups

To accelerate internal innovation, we support and appreciate a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are passionate about celebrating ethnicity and a community feel, addressing gender bias and supporting LGBTQ+ colleagues worldwide. No matter what our backgrounds, we prioritize coming together and fighting for positive change. Discrimination of any kind is not, and never will be, tolerated at Clarivate. As a company, we will work in meaningful ways to use our voice, our platform and our resources to fight injustice wherever it occurs.

Clarivate Volunteer Network

Our colleagues are committed to sharing time, talent and resources for positive, lasting and meaningful societal impact. The Clarivate Volunteer Network explores and promotes the benefits of volunteering and organizes community-based initiatives, locally and globally. Every Clarivate colleague is encouraged to volunteer in their community. With five days of company-sponsored, paid time off per person, our colleagues donate thousands of hours of community service every year.

Women @ Clarivate

At Clarivate, we are cultivating an environment in which women flourish. Women @ Clarivate is a global resource group that is committed to creating a sense of community, developing a shared support network and providing opportunities for women in senior roles to connect and act as role models for more junior female colleagues.

Supporting the LGBTQ+ community

SPECTRUM is Clarivate's LGBTQ+ and Allies resource group. We work together to drive continuous improvement in company policies and work environment, provide support and networking opportunities for our members and promote activities within Clarivate that raise awareness about our LGBTQ+ community. We continually work to add programs that help our colleagues around the world aim for greatness.


Vibrant is Clarivate's resource group specifically focused on racial and ethnic diversity, inclusion and equity. Our goal is to lead the community, change Clarivate from within and unite a diverse workforce through cultural awareness, representation and community engagement.

Empowering colleagues on Environment and Climate Action

Through the Environment and Climate Change colleague resource group Element, we aim to raise awareness of the environment and our impact on it and to promote activities and behaviours to address our environmental impact. The internal network focuses on specific environmental initiatives at Clarivate globally both internally and with our customer. We work together to leverage our position in the Science and IP industry to make an impact at scale through innovation and support.

Supporting Military Veterans

At Clarivate we are supporting members with military backgrounds, including military family members and supporters, through the Military Veterans@Clarivate group. The resource group aims at helping with issues that affect only the military community, such as adjusting to post-military life. Our goal is to set up programs to foster careers growth, establish support networks for new colleagues to assimilate into the corporate culture, and building relationships in the community with volunteer outreach.


Sustainability is woven throughout every aspect of our business strategy. By adhering to the highest social, environmental and ethical standards and embracing the power of human ingenuity, we will improve the future of our global community while bringing rewards to our colleagues and shareholders.

Learn more about Sustainability at Clarivate.


    • Our amazing colleagues from SPECTRUM designed and made face masks to honor the LGBTQ+ community for #Pride2020. With many countries having to cancel or hold virtual celebrations this year, it was a great way to keep people safe and enhance visibility.
    • Colleagues from Decision Resources Group, our recently acquired life sciences company, gathered together to volunteer at the Community Resource Center to partake in relief efforts following the devastating Nashville tornado.
    • Aman Gata-Aura, the Global Co-Lead for the Clarivate Volunteer Network, and her mother are hard at work creating homemade masks and bags for frontline healthcare workers, neighbors and more in the community.
    • To mark Women in Science Day, our colleague Sofia Nogu’s visited the Institut Sant Just in Barcelona to raise awareness of the role of women in science and share her experience taking part in eXXpedition.
    • Clarivate colleagues volunteered their time to support Stray Cat Relief, a non-profit organization that supports abandoned cats in Philadelphia. Well done to the Clarivate team for creating 22 shelters to protect free-roaming cats.
    • In keeping with a decade old tradition, colleagues from our Philadelphia office helped to judge local children's science projects at the Carver Science Fair.