Pioneer new solutions for the Fortune 500.

Why do technology professionals choose Clarivate Analytics? Flexibility, an entrepreneurial spirit, abundant opportunities for learning and growth, diverse and dynamic work, and the ability to make an impact. What you do here matters, because the projects we pursue are in the interest of helping the world’s biggest risk-takers bring their ideas to life.

Clarivate Analytics Technology careers – billion-dollar startup

Billion-dollar startup

We have a strong financial base and the stature of a well-funded leader. At the same time, we are investing significantly in technology and product enhancement, and our fast-paced environment creates the feel of a startup.

Clarivate Analytics Technology careers – trailblazing technologies

Trailblazing tech

Because our clients are on the leading edge of innovation, we offer opportunities for you to explore the newest technologies, such as cloud computing, micro-services, AI, machine learning, and big data. We’re growing fast, developing innovative new products, and helping change the way our customers do business.

Clarivate Analytics Technology careers – flexible scheduling

Flexible setting

We trust you to take ownership of your work, providing the autonomy to make decisions and the flexibility to work the schedule that fits your life. We are not a 9-to-5 shop. It is all about reaching the goal, not the manner in which you do it.

Clarivate Analytics Technology careers – benefits and bonuses

Benefits and bonuses

We offer the best of both worlds – the most challenging work imaginable, with the solid benefits package and bonus structure of an established company. If you would appreciate more stability in your employment experience, consider Clarivate.

Clarivate Analytics Technology careers – career paths

Growth curve

At Clarivate, you can explore numerous technologies or even gain exposure to the business side of technology. We also offer tech professionals closer access to senior leadership than you might expect. Opportunities to learn, advance, and drive world-changing innovation are endless with us.

Clarivate Analytics employee testimonial: Boaz, Inside Sales Account Manager, United States

“The most satisfying aspect of working at Clarivate is the fact that we save lives around the world by providing state-of-the-art solutions to scientists in many different disciplines. We are a major component of making this world a healthier and safer place for mankind. Clarivate is a one big amicable family. We work together to achieve a common goal and support each other, both inside and out of the office.”

Boaz, Inside Sales Account Manager, United States

Clarivate Analytics employee testimonial: Brendali, Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Latin America

“Our brand promise – to accelerate the pace of innovation – is motivating. I have developed important skills in areas such as negotiation, strategic vision, and resilience while working for Clarivate. Our people are highly competent, committed experts who like to get things done. It is their dedication that makes us successful. It does not matter what position you will hold, you will be key for driving the business!”

Brendali, Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Latin America

Clarivate Analytics employee testimonial: Kaushik, Director, Strategic Pricing, India

“The commercial strategy and pricing team is young, vibrant, and at the forefront of developing innovative commercial/price models. Clarivate has an extremely open culture, allowing mid-management to directly interact with the Executive leadership team. We also provide a good work-life balance, with a focus on the output rather than time spent in the office.”

Kaushik, Director, Strategic Pricing, India

Clarivate Analytics employee testimonial: Stefan, Regional Director, Central Europe

“We have a clear purpose: driving innovation and protecting companies and consumers online. Working with a wide array of industries and markets, I am constantly learning and growing. I have been able to expand my responsibilities across more markets and the growth of our company presents ongoing opportunities for dynamic and forward-thinking individuals. Come join the most experienced, leading player in the field.”

Stefan, Regional Director, Central Europe

Clarivate Analytics employee testimonial: Syeda, Team Lead, Commissions, India

“Each day, I have a new challenge, which always keeps me on the go. Clarivate is still evolving as an organization and that is what sets us apart. There is no stopping anyone who is ambitious and wants to learn. This company is like an open field where you sow hard work and reap the benefits. With four promotions in four years, I have never had so many growth opportunities. If you give 100%, you will get 200% back.”

Syeda, Team Lead, Commissions, India

Clarivate Analytics employee testimonial: Namdo, Sales Team Manager, Korea

“At Clarivate, I can fulfill my career aspirations and work as a close partner with my clients to help drive their growth potential and success. We always strive to cultivate a work environment of continuous innovation and to foster a culture of mutual growth. This is one of the best places to develop essential leadership skills, as we are constantly making investments to enhance our competitiveness and organizational capabilities.”

Namdo, Sales Team Manager, Korea

Clarivate Analytics employee testimonial: George, Account Manager, Trademarks, United States

“I work with a great group – very intelligent, professional, and capable – and everyone is willing to help you. In sales, we are given goals and measured by them. I have found that my goals are reasonable, I can draw upon my colleagues for assistance, and management works with me to help me succeed. As I have progressed in my abilities, I have been given more opportunities to contribute and more autonomy.”

George, Account Manager, Trademarks, United States

Clarivate Analytics employee testimonial: Renugambal, Lead, Innovation and Implementation, India

“It is a great feeling to know that you contribute to the progress of humanity by empowering science and society. There is also pride in being associated with our rich heritage. Our high-performance culture, with its strong emphasis on character and integrity, will inspire and bring out the best in you. Exciting work, myriad opportunities, and fabulous colleagues make Clarivate a great organization to work for.”

Renugambal, Lead, Innovation and Implementation, India

Clarivate Analytics employee testimonial: Vijay, Senior Manager, India

“The pace at which we are able to adopt to changing technology sets us apart. We enable innovation for the world, and it is elating to know your work has contributed significantly to making human lives better. If culture is the freedom to bring about change, Clarivate has it. If culture is for disparate groups to believe in a single goal for an organization, we do it. And if it is work-life balance, then we do it the best.”

Vijay, Senior Manager, India